Feb 29, 2012

Weird Things I Do

     I’m aware that most of my blog posts during 2012 have revolved around my photo-a-day project. Other than that, my blog posts this year have been lacking excitement or substance in both writing AND photography quality. I think that is a result of writer’s block & an in-between stage of life. I went to college, I got into photography, I planned a wedding, I wedded, I honeymooned, I work, Marcus works. Not much else happening here. And when not much else is happening here, I have a weird habit. I go into the dark recesses of my digital photography archives and find a picture that makes me feel nostalgic. And since you clicked on my blog today, you’ll have to accompany me into my strange habits

      I found this one in a 2007 folder. This me & my friend Sam having a dance lesson in the guard break room at Lagoon Water Park on the Norfolk Naval Base. 2007 was my second year as the head guard/on-scene manager for that pool. As you can see below, I was extremely professional and focused only on rescues and discipline. And funny enough, I remember this picture was taken on a cell phone of a guy that was fired maybe a few weeks later. Anyways, this was a happy, happy, happy carefree summer. I was a junior in college, probably taking summer classes-I did every summer, and still had every glimmer of being the best first grade teacher ever. I was living in my beachelorette pad, country line dancing with my friends at the Banque, teaching swim lessons, and dating a guy named Mike.  Sam wasn’t married yet, but enjoyed receiving flowers in her locker from Todd a couple times that summer. We were becoming BFF’s after working together the previous winter at the indoor pool. I loved my little job as Head Guard at a pool where I had worked for the three summers before. I knew all the patrons & families, babysat for quite a few of them even, and all most of my staff. Honestly, my years at Lagoon deserve a post of it’s own so I won’t sell it short here but every time I think of them, Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days” plays in my head.


     And for nostalgia overload picture number two, let’s go with….

My OTHER BFF Sam & our friend Eric, breaking it down in a Wendy’s drive thru, vying for shotgun in my green Grand Prix. I was the judge. This oldie but goodie was taken in December of 2005, our first year of college. I had to choose this one because my friend Sam just announced she was pregnant last week!!!! And Erik? He’s only going to be in the next Twilight movie. No big deal, y’all. {!!!!!!} Not that I have read or seen any Twilight books/movies, but seeing as how the-shy-boy-who-moved-in-down-the-street-from-me-during-our-junior-year-of high-school-and-wouldn’t-talk-to-me-on-the-bus-but-later-became-a-good-friend is in it? I’ll be there.

I just love this picture. Love that is was probably 3 in the morning. Love that riding shotgun next to me was worth a impromptu dance contest in a dark parking lot of Wendy’s.

wide assortment 046


Alright, now that I need a box of tissues, I’ll have to stop there. Happy Wednesday friends!

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Sam Derby said...

You make my heart smile on the regular, girlfriend. :)


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