Mar 5, 2012

Week 9

     I’m a day late posting my photo-a-day project! Sorry y’all! I’m sure you were all waiting with baited breath..

    I definitely failed as a documenter this week again. I’ll do better next week!


I had the day off so I headed over to harass my mom. It’s a hobby of mine. While I was talking her ear off and distracting her from doing things she needed to be doing, my little brother took this picture of me warming myself in front of the space heater. And since I’m kinda on the lazy side.. I decided it counted for the photo-of-the-day. Thanks Patrick :)

feb photo of the day 129 


Trying to organize an overwhelming amount of photographs. Which to put in albums, which to frame, etc. I used to a scrapbook-er, but am less interested in doing that now since it is so time consuming and costs an arm and a leg. So for now I just have piles. Exhibit A: {the big stack is from our honeymoon. I still can’t believe I took THAT many pictures on my honeymoon! Didn’t I have better things to do?!}

feb photo of the day 151


Inspired by my sisters-in-law, who always have fancy hairdos, I wanted to try something new. There are so many tutorials on Pinterest for cute hair ideas. But you will notice all the tutorials are for straight hair. I have about the farthest thing from straight hair, but I tried one out anyways. A frizzy fishtale braid, I call it.

feb photo of the day 161


I didn’t take a picture on Thursday. Such a shame because I had my friend Katelyn over and she would have made a beautiful portrait! But I took some extra’s on Monday so I have an emergency photo-of-the-day reserve. And speaking of curls on Wednesday, this is a picture of my little brother’s curl. Patrick was one of the few Danley kids to have straight hair. All of the sudden, in his 14th year, they’ve started to make an appearance!

feb photo of the day 134


This is the scene at my parent’s house right now. My uncle & grandfather are in town from Ohio to tackle some painting. No easy feat in a home with vaulted ceilings!

feb photo of the day 165


This past Saturday was the first Saturday I’ve had off work in quite a while. It was awesome. Marcus & I slept in, made pancakes, had a lazy morning playing the guitar & reading {him the former, me the latter..I can’t play the guitar, people!} I had a lunch date with my girlfriends from highschool then rushed off to our 40 days for Life hour. We went over to my parent’s for dinner and then the guys went off to an Admirals Game. And I have a picture of none of those things. Not a one of them. But I do have a picture of my niece Cecilia modeling a ‘Firefighter Stick’ she & Thomas made for Marcus for his birthday. You probably will say “What is a firefighter stick?! That is a hobo stick!” And you would be right. But to 4 year old Cecilia & Thomas, firefighter’s carry a hobo stick. So they picked out a stick, sanded it, painted it & had their mama sew a bag for it. Hilarious!

feb photo of the day 141

And here is an extra for this week. Marcus’ thank you note to C & T:

feb photo of the day 170


Marcus & I went on a date! For Christmas Marcus bought us tickets to a Tim Hawkin’s comedy show. It was hilarious! Even funnier, I didn’t bring my camera. Thank goodness for Marcus’ camera phone. Whew! I was struggling this week!


     So there is week 9. Better late than never!

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Emily @ {the heart of life} said...

So funny. I WISH I had curly hair to try all these Pinterest hair tutorials. I have failed the sock bun curls twice! So far I'm good at braiding. And hairspray. HAHAHA. The secret is apparently in back teasing your hair for floof and oomph, but it usually just ends up a mess for me! We can keep trying, right?


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