Mar 11, 2012

Week 10


Marcus is in the Ropes section of Fire Academy. I tried to brag about my Bowline knot tying skills, left over from my sailing days, but then he just did this.

march photo of the day 001


Virginia primaries!

march photo of the day 031 


Having an older sister is awesome. Especially when she does cool things like foster baby chicks. And if this aww-worthy photo isn’t enough for you There will be many more pictures of these guys on the blog to come. Stay tuned!

march photo of the day 015


A sore throat smoothie

march photo of the day 041


8 am found us in the Urgent Care waiting room for Marcus’ can’t-talk-can’t-swallow-won’t eat or drink sore throat.

IMG_20120309_083956 IMG_20120309_083914


Here is the sore throat victim himself.. getting his 40 days for life on! Now that’s hot!

march photo of the day 042


Celebrating daylight savings by taking a walk around Oak Grove Park! Spring is coming :)

march photo of the day 048


Sam Derby said...

I voted too. What stinky choices VA had! But love your Saturday pic ... And you of course!

Laura Michele said...

I agree on the stinky choices...

Give your boy a kiss for me {your little one, not Todd of course. That would be a little strange}


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