Mar 9, 2012


     While my husband is recovering from a sore throat so bad it required a trip to the Urgent Care this morning, I am busying myself on   Not browsing their clothing, mind you, but drooling over their fun decor accessories. And I have found myself some things I simply must have. A dire need.

They look like this:

{Penguin paperclips. no explanation needed here}

Penguin Paperclips

{Beautiful, sweet, timeless, classic Silhouette Art}

Silhouette Art

{Who DOESN’T need dinosaur ice trays?! I mean, really! How have I lived without theses?!}


Ice Age Tray

{I would do dishes all day long if you were mine, O pretty dish drainer..}


Washing & Hoping & Dreaming Dish Rack

{Hoot stole the cookies cookie jar}

Hoot Stole the Cookies Container

{This book might be up there with the Bible & The Catechism}

What Would Audrey Do? Book

{I am glad to see there are others out there who took tests as seriously as me. Amen}


F in Exams


Don’t take my word for it, friends! Go to & waste an hour or two in the apartment section. Then go ahead and make your Christmas list for next year



Sam Derby said...

Love all these but especially the Audrey book and Dino ice cubes!!

Laura Michele said...

HAHA I want to buy those dino ice trays for you. I thought of you immediately!


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