Mar 18, 2012

Week 11

     I have to admit- this was not the best week for me. Hopefully that means we can only go up from here!!

Happy Monday to me :(

march photo of the day 051

On Tuesday I went to mass with a toothpaste stain on my shirt. As documented here…

march photo of the day 052

Wednesday started out pretty good, if I overlook waking up with pink eye. But by 5:30 I just knew I caught whatever Marcus had last week. Driving home from work I could tell I had a fever. I spent that evening frantically searching for natural remedies for ear infections.

march photo of the day 053 

On Thursday I was kind of excited. I thought that this sick day might mean I could get some things done I had been putting off. But the combination of fever, pink eye, sore throat, ear aches & body aches had me calling my mom instead. I didn’t make it off the couch all day.

march photo of the day 055

I fully expected to be better on Friday and be able to go on a retreat at Wintergreen I had been looking forward to for a while. But with my fever the highest it had been so far, I knew our weekend retreat was out :( No picture today.

Still sick on Saturday but at least Marcus was home with me & March Madness was on.  Despite the fact that my projected National Champions were out the first round..I was still doing better than Marcus overall! Woohoo!

march photo of the day 056


Another sick day on the couch. This is what I’ll be looking at all day, while talking trash.;) my pick is losing and Marcus’ is winning. You never know though…

march photo of the day 058

Being sick is no fun, but I am so thankful for milkshakes, popsicles, my mom, smoothies in the blender, hot rice socks, hot tea, spoonfuls of honey, cool washcloths, cough drops, ice water and mostly Marcus.

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