Mar 26, 2012

Week 12


Brian, home on Spring Break! His last Spring Break!

march photo of the day 088


Quinoa, Broccoli & Cheese Casserole. So, so, so good!

march photo of the day 102


a pretty little spot in the kitchen

  march photo of the day 076 

Thursday & Friday didn’t get a picture this week :( If I hadn’t of been so lazy, Thursday’s picture would have been of Cecilia & Thomas playing hide and seek in my house. On Friday, I would have snapped a photo of the Religious Freedom Rally in downtown Norfolk OR my friend CA’s little girl Gemma playing in water in the backyard as we chatted.


Finally tackling the taxes

march photo of the day 104


Forgot to bring the camera out again! I could have captured my lifeguard re-cert staff meeting or Marcus & I rearranging our bedroom or even an impromptu visit from our friends Sam & Todd. Shame on me! I think I’m still trying to get back in the groove of things after that nasty flu.

Here’s to picking up the slack in week 13!

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