Mar 20, 2012

The Croft’s Family Purpose Statement

To make any sense of this post, take a second to read yesterday’s post. Prompted by this awesome book, Marcus & I got to work writing our Family Purpose Statement.

To do so we brainstormed and listed and prayed and came up with one of our own. Lucky for us, being Catholic, the Catechism pretty much spells out our life purpose but we went and added our own flair, too :)

Croft Family Statement: “To know, love & serve God in every action & every word.”

Mitchell's 146

The Breakdown:To know= to educate & grow in our relationship with the Lord through Sacraments, scripture, prayer & fellowship. To Love=acts of charity outside the home & especially within the home. Love is also mercy. Being merciful with one another. To Serve= Disciplining ourselves to be selfless, putting other’s needs in front of our own, learning humility.

Spiritual Goals: Invest in relationships, live in a rhythm of prayer, honesty above pride, giving of time/talents/treasure, peace & laughter in the home, practice spiritual & corporal works of mercy, to adopt a constant attitude of gratitude.

As you can see, we went to town on making a family purpose statement. I elaborated on it but the short & sweet purpose statement above has been SO helpful in making decisions for our family. Little ones and big ones. We check every decision-whether it has to do with money, time, social, work to see if it aligns and promotes our family purpose. It truly simplifies the decision-making process.

We also made a list of future goals that align with our purpose statement.

Some Croft goals include: Having many beautiful Croftlings :), being a one income family, staying debt free, buying a home {with GOOD down payment} that has land for kids to play/gardening/chickens?!, Prioritizing nutrition/home-cooked meals/omitting processed foods, etc, homeschooling

Armed with both our family statement & goals, we are able to kind of check up on ourselves in a way. Does this commitment work with our purpose or goals? What about this purchase? Or what have we been doing lately to live out our purpose & goals?

Once we have children, we will probably rewrite/simplify our family purpose so it’s kid-friendly & easy to understand. We also plan on displaying it in our family room on canvas or some form of art as a constant reminder of why we are here.

There you have it!

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