Feb 13, 2012

Marcus’ Birthday {Part 2}

     We celebrated Marcus’ birthday with both sides of our family on Saturday night at Warrior’s Mongolian BBQ. Since both of us have big families AND busy families we are in awe that everybody made it out! We spent 3.5 hours there laughing, talking,  making multiple trips to the buffet, eating cupcakes AND demanding some of Warrior’s delicious cookies. A family of fatty’s :) I brought my camera along for the trip!

Some manly, undecorated cupcakes.

feb photo of the day 042

feb photo of the day 043 

A cutie pie!

 feb photo of the day 044

Some laughing

 feb photo of the day 046 

friendly brother-in-law picture

feb photo of the day 049

My Dad, Jillian, Isaac & Dad Croft

feb photo of the day 050

Mom & Dad Croft

 feb photo of the day 053

Emily & Brock {with Lucy, hiding!}

feb photo of the day 057 

Patrick & Chris {we missed you, Brian}

 feb photo of the day 059

Marcus & I with Cecilia

feb photo of the day 061 

Thanks, Marcus, for having a birthday! I’m grateful for the unlimited sugar still circulating from the celebrations..chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, cupcakes & about a pound of leftover icing! It feels like my birthday, too!

And a big thank you to our parent’s & siblings with busy schedules for coming together for Marcus!

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