Feb 10, 2012

Marcus’ birthday {part one}

     For Marcus’ birthday yesterday, I knew we would have to have a pretty simple, laid back celebration seeing as he is pretty exhausted after work & has a very early morning alarm. As soon as he walked out of the door at 6:15 yesterday morning, I got to work! Coincidentally, I had to babysit my niece & nephew in the morning…who I knew would make perfect little birthday elves..

     While I cooked one of his favorite dinners {And when I say cooked.. I mean I got out my handy dandy crockpot} We were originally going to have steak for his birthday dinner, but then we remembered we don’t have a grill. And what is the point of steak if you can’t grill it?! So, we had finger-licking ribs instead. And for the record, Marcus requested broccoli as one of the sides {as long as I “roast it like your mom does”}. Oh, how marriage has changed him ;) So while I slaved away plugging in the crockpot, the twins made signs-and hung them up at their eye level :), decorated our front door & made paper chains to hang up.

feb photo of the day 013   feb photo of the day 017 feb photo of the day 026

feb photo of the day 023

     I even made these little guys help me make a cheesecake! Smashing the graham crackers up for the crust was, of course, their favorite part. That, and cracking the eggs open. Sorry about the random eggshells in your cake, Marcus!

     When it was time to wrap the presents, I realized I didn’t have any wrapping paper. And I wasn’t about to strap Cecilia & Thomas back into their car seat to go to store {already did it once this morning, when I realized I didn’t have any cream cheese for cheesecake. I’m brilliant when it comes to baking} SO I remembered I had seen maps used on pinterest before. And among the many things I am not good at, reading maps is up there near the top…so I gladly sacrificed one I found in my car. Ta-Da!

feb photo of the day 018

Then I had to go to work & hope the cheesecake didn’t crack anymore than it already did. Marcus gets home before me, so I didn’t get to see his reaction to a Cecilia & Thomas decorated door but I know he loved it.. After dinner he opened up his map-wrapped, hidden presents, after reading the clues to find where I had hidden them around the house.

feb photo of the day 032    feb photo of the day 031feb photo of the day 029 

And to wrap things up..we ate cheesecake drizzled with caramel. Oh. my. goodness. It is taking every ounce of my self control not to go have a piece for breakfast.

 feb photo of the day 036 feb photo of the day 039

Happy 26th birthday Marcus!!

Part 2 will be celebrated Sat night with our families!!


Kelly said...

love love love the maps-as-wrapping-paper! what an awesome idea. And I'm sure Marcus has had your mom's spaghetti and loved it as much as I did! NOM NOM makes me hungry thinking about it!

Elizabeth said...

such a sweet birthday for Marcus!! I love your wrapping job--the little notes on them are toooo cute!


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