Jul 17, 2012

A library

     When a good friend of mine was pregnant, she put a lot of energy into careful building a library for her little baby. I thought that that was a pretty brilliant idea & a good way to avoid purchasing every adorable little boy outfit I lay eyes on. Since I figure my son will have/receive plenty of clothes, I too have started picking out books for my little man. I am a little bit picky with children’s books… I think there is a lot of less than quality books out there… so I was thrilled when my mom told me she spied a bunch of Little Golden books at a local antique mall. Classics!!

July 2012 097

Richard Scarry & Beatrix Potter are a must!

July 2012 099

Who doesn’t love the Sooki, the Saggy Baggy Elephant?

July 2012 104  

Obviously :)

July 2012 100

Boys like cars & trucks, right?!

July 2012 103

Here is to hoping this book will kick start his prayer life!

July 2012 101 

Any other book suggestions? I have many more on my wish list but thought this was a pretty good start!

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Cat said...

I love the Llama Llama books, and we don't even have the original one yet. Sandra Boynton also has some good ones. My goal is to read my child 2 books a day. For the first year, you're going to want the cardboard books because he'll want to eat them. Also look for ones made of fabric--I found a Clifford one at a thrift store that we love because we use it as so much more than a book (it's kind of pillow-like and can also go through the washing machine).


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