Mar 3, 2013

The First Date Night. Of the Crafty Variety

     Since postpartum NFP is such a barrel of fun, Marcus & I figured we better find a way to entertain ourselves in the evening.  Especially baby JP has a kinda-sorta bedtime now (yay).  Enter at-home date nights.  Marcus was assigned to plan the first one.  I really was excited to see what he had up his sleeve, because he definitely the more creative half.  I admit to be a little bit (lotsa) irritated when he said we were going to sew our own hot rice socks/bags.  Sooooooooo Roooomantic.  Have I mentioned that I hate sewing?  But he was so cute, and had even arranged to borrow his sister’s sewing machine, and a trip to the fabric store.  I started to get a little excited…until we actually started working on the project last night.  Neither of us remembered how to work the sewing machine, so in between youtube videos on how to thread a bobbin, and trying to nurse the baby who seemed to want to stay up to witness the fun, I remembered why I hated sewing.  As I nursed, Marcus plugged away and made a homely, but manly, rice sock.  There was a good hour of trial and error, and I surprised myself at how I knew how to solve a couple of his hang-ups. 


    Then it was my turn.  If I was was a careful, deliberate person, I would have made nice measurements & had a plan.  But I am the farthest thing from a perfectionist, so I just jumped in.  When I went to begin, the sewing machine would not feed the fabric.  I complained about it to Marcus who replied “It is supposed to feed the fabric?  Dang it! I just pulled the fabric through myself.”  I laughed hysterically at him but then proceeded to mess with every single button, dial, and switch on the machine.  I fixed the whole feed issue, but could not figure out how to set it to a simple stitch so I have some whacked out, dizzying stitch all along my bag.  Marcus was helping me with mine, and offered to hold my fabric straight so I could pin it.  Except I have an irrational fear of what would happen if the needle and the pin collided, I explained, so I avoid using pins.  His turn to laugh hysterically.  I spilled rice all over the floor, twice.  And got my sew on, in between eating popsicles and having a grand old time.


    People, we had a blast.  I know that I have not laughed that hard since before the baby’s arrival.  Marcus and I talked about things non-baby and just enjoyed each other’s company and working on a simple project together.  Sewing still is not my favorite thing in the world but I am mighty impressed with our just-google-how-to-do-this-as-we-go-along efforts. 


    Here are the final products:

March 2013 025

And if you are thinking that is impressive…Here, have a close-up.

March 2013 028 March 2013 026 

How is that for straight lines and neat stitches, haha?!


Any ideas on what I should do for the next date night? It is my turn to plan and I am hoping to avoid something overdone (& easy) like movie night…

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~Tricia~ said...

Puzzles are great for date nights! Nick and I bought one for date night and still aren't finished but we spend the night talking and working together each time we work on it.


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