Oct 29, 2012

My Feelings Exactly.

     I love Pinterest, really I do. I  love being able to look up recipes based on the ingredients I have on hand.  I enjoy drooling over beautiful interior design.  I’ve found many handy tips and tricks for a newbie housewife like myself.  And I wish, reaaaalllly wish, I loved all the craft ideas.  Don’t worry, I pretend.  I pin ‘em. Sometimes even buy the supplies and attempt them. But this blog could easily be renamed The Un-Crafter.  I HATE doing them.  Do I hate it because I am bad at it or am I bad at crafts because  I hate it? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  I’ll never know.  I do know that I am trying to accept this fact about myself…and feel OKAY about it.  I wish I wanted to sew, I wish I could make people amazing presents,  I wish my children will do the neatest homemade activities. {Actually they probably will still be able to do that since my husband can out-craft me anyday!}  At the same time, I need to accept the fact that sometimes the stress of trying to be crafty for me is not worth any money saved.

Last year, under the watchful & helpful eye of my sister, I stitched the simplest of stockings for Marcus & I for our first Christmas.  I hoped I would fall in love with all things fabric and needles, but it didn’t happen. I did it though and felt like I needed a gold star.  Then alllll this fall, I’ve had this nagging guilt that I needed to make a matching one for my son. And I’ve been dreading it! I saved the pattern so I could make one for all our future kids. Nag, nag, nag, guilt, guilt, guilt.  Finally, it dawned on me. I could just buy him a stocking!  Oh, the freedom!  If I truly didn’t enjoy the process, why am I forcing myself to do something that just isn’t me?   So, if you don’t ever receive sweet handmade gifts from me, you’ll know why.  Although it would be cheaper to pay for my therapy if I did….


Just kidding, friends!


This picture, though… it sums up my feeling exactly.


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