Oct 27, 2012

Babymoonin’ in Matthews County

     I had never been on a babymoon, and I had never been to a Bed & Breakfast but I HAD been to Matthews County so I knew I was in for a relaxing and beautiful time. Even despite the waddling {next time I’ll go before I am 9 months preggo} and the tissues {hello, fresh head cold} it truly was relaxing and beautiful. My only regret was that I didn’t get to try the Stand up Paddle boarding… They had put them away for the season..even though it was 80 degrees our first day there! My baby and balance are probably thankful, but I was looking forward to hopping on one.


     After we checked in at the beautiful Bed & Breakfast, we headed out for lunch and shopping  downtown. Which was all of two blocks. I love it! The old drugstore had been converted into a delicious diner where the fish tacos {for me!}, Reuben {for him} and ice cream did not disappoint. We walked in the couple of shops along the main road and gave some business to the adorable little baby consignment shop.


     Since we filled up on ice cream way too close to dinnertime, we headed back to the Inn to hang out on the dock and watch the sun go down. Marcus fished, I read, we snagged some DIY maternity photos. We headed back into town for dinner..the pretty much one open restaurant was hopping, complete with a hilarious & eclectic jam band. We ate outside since it was so nice but the bands music drifted our way, sounding pretty good! Except for the drunk man playing the recorder. Maybe it was just out-of-tune…


    We wrapped up the day with smores & evening prayer around the fire pit. So, so perfect.

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Of course, Bed & Breakfast’s are all about the breakfast & the next morning’s fare was incredible! The Inn at Tabb Creek has a pretty big garden..making for amazing, local, healthy, fresh food. We had a fruit salad, sausage & potato hash, egg & veggie quiche and some delicious lemon-berry muffins. Friends, it was SO good. I’m drooling just thinking about it. They had a huge assortment of tasty teas, which I happily sampled away through the morning {much too my squashed up bladder’s chagrin.  We spent the morning making friends with a sandy orange cat, swinging on the front porch swing and walking the grounds before we headed home.

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The pretty wood floor on the screened-in back porchOctober 2012 196    October 2012 206 October 2012 207    October 2012 218  October 2012 217October 2012 220

I’m laughing & pointing at the sign, but the sign is pointing right at me! I used the side door!

October 2012 209  October 2012 228

Look what was hanging out on the side door :)

October 2012 212October 2012 236

Doing what he does

October 2012 233 October 2012 229

Good-bye amazing place!

October 2012 239 October 2012 241

On our way out of town we decided to stop at the blustery beach. On the way there we nearly hit a crab {crossing the road?}, a dog, an ENORMOUS deer, and a frog {also crossing the road?!} in that order. Sheesh!

October 2012 244October 2012 246  October 2012 252 October 2012 255October 2012 247 

And after a scenic drive home, I crossed babymoon off my to-do list. Hooray! Then, I beat Marcus badly in Scrabble. Which is not very nice of me to mention, but it did wrap up things quite nicely for me :)


~Tricia~ said...

Beautiful pics Laura! Glad to you both were able to enjoy some time together before baby comes.

Kelly said...

We also had an amazing babymoon at a B&B! Your pics are gorgeous and you look beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of the bambino!


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