Mar 11, 2013

This Hell Week Made Possible by..

     Today was one of those days where I just knew everything was going to be okay.  You know, it’s been a long, rainy winter-seasoned with a tricky little baby, all types of nursing drama, a splash of postpartum depression, sleep deprivation and so on and so forth.  But really, an extra hour of sleep this morning, a walk in the park with my sister’s & James’ cousins, plus an afternoon cuddling with James on a blanket in the sun….whew… it was just what I needed.


     Today was also the last day of Hell Week (where Marcus is 24 on, 24 off for a week).  The kindness and support I receive from my friends and family during this week is unbelievable!  I feel like I just show up on people’s doorsteps and they just take me in!  We got to hang out with Emily on Tuesday, then Mindy & her family fed me dinner (so spoiled).  My friend Katelyn fed me a delicious soup on Wednesday and it was back to the Guinns all day Thursday.  Saturday was a sleepover at my mom’s.  Blessed, blessed, blessed.


    Anyhow…I survived another hell week and am totally looking forward to having Marcus home the next three days (even if it means cooking dinner, haha!)



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