Mar 21, 2013

Pictures, with a Side of Honesty

     I was going to post some random, but nice{ish} pictures I’ve taken recently, and then sneak away before you noticed the lack of words.  Then, I was going to title the post ‘Ordinary Days’ cause doesn’t that seem nice?  Perhaps these days are ordinary, but they are hard as h-e-double hockeysticks. 


     I really, really hate even typing this, but here we go: James is a pretty difficult baby.  He fusses a lot, especially if I dare to dethrone him from his perch on my hip.  While I used to brag about his awesome sleeping skills, he has since reverted to waking every 2 hours with maaaayyybbeee a 4 hour stretch from 8 to 12.  While I am very happy to rock my baby to sleep for his naps, I’m less than thrilled that he wakes up within fifteen minutes of me laying him down.  He also has a weird case of head thrashing, which accompanies the 2 hour stretches at night.  I’m losing my mind a little bit.  Little man does have a cold, is probably teething, hitting a growth spurt and so on and so forth, or so I tell myself every day. 


     I couldn’t wait to be stay-at-home mom, which is not exactly the norm amidst women in the 21st century.  Here is another confession though: When it just one little bambino & yourself…oh, it can be so boring!! I pretty much survive on playdates and visiting the local family.  I absolutely love spending time with James, but was not prepared for the never-ending merry-go-round feeling the days would take on.  The days I don’t make plans…cue Groundhog day! 


     James Patrick, lest you read this one day and think I didn’t love you and enjoy you… I adore you.  Just because you are hard doesn’t mean you aren’t precious and perfect.  I live off your every smile, drink up your every belly laugh.  I love you so much it hurts and you are just the baby for me.  You are the perfect firstborn, my refining fire, teaching me more about myself and about God everyday.  Yes, sometimes it seems like a dizzying day of nurse, tummy time, reading books, walks around the blocks, and rocking only to start all over again but I wouldn’t trade it.  I am so stinking blessed to stay home with you.  When you don’t let me put you down, underneath the frustration is me cherishing every little bit of your neediness… I know it won’t last, love.  I won’t always get to rock you, and you won’t always want  me to be your constant companion.


    So I’ll make the best of this hard as heck ordinary days.  You are so worth it, my boy!

Sometimes you sleep long enough to let me cook.  Then the kitchen looks like this

March 2013 113

I’m always trying to stay caught up with recording your latest feats in your baby journal.  And need to fill out my March Madness bracket

March 2013 121

The exersaucer is my friend, since you will sit in here for 5 mins while I grab a bite to eat.  You are still a little short for it, so a textbook and some non-skid mat make for a perfect fit

March 2013 126   

You have become quite the blankie boy recently and love to snuggle up with your Aden & Anaias blankets.  Don’t worry friends, I take it away once he is good and asleep…safety first!

March 2013 124

 March 2013 123 

At home date nights= puzzles. {Thanks for the idea Trish!}

March 2013 125

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