Feb 9, 2013


Happy, Happy Happiest of birthdays to my very own renaissance man-the best husband & the sweetest father!


26 was a pretty great year for you

You found out you were having a baby..

march photo of the day 096

Fake camped {since I was too morning-sick for the real deal}

April photo of the day 116April photo of the day 118 

Can always find you playing basketball in the driveway at Mom’s house

april photo of the day 065 april photo of the day 064


Celebrated a wonderful first year of marriage by taking a trip to Charleston

Charleston June 2012 112

Graduated from Fire Academy

MJC Firefighter Graduation May 2, 2012 114

Spent many summer Sundays eating peaches at the beach


picked way too many blueberries to count


Had visits at work from yours truly..

jj 368

Visited  your grandparents


Babymooned in Ohio & Matthews County

October 2012 136October 2012 172 

Met your son..

James Patrick Croft 082  James Patrick Croft 173 James Patrick Croft 179

fought lots of fires


had a baby’s first Christmas

 christmas 2012 168 

Took many-a-nap with your boy..

January 151

Showed off your artistic side

January 168January 171

Enjoyed a snowy afternoon

January 432

Received many, many adoring smiles from J.P. You are definitely the favorite around here. 

  January 284 January 285 

Watched your son be baptized and welcomed into his big, fat, Catholic family

January 188

Perfected the manly art of cloth diapering

January 422

and made your wife very, very happy on a daily basis

January 226

Obviously, James & I are over the moon for you here & can’t wait to celebrate many, many Marcus-y birthdays!

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