Feb 8, 2013

Scanned Nostalgia, The Babysitter

      Last week, baby James received gifts from TWO of my prior employers.  Not from my days at MWR, but from my many, many days of babysitting.  I was so touched that my mom & I engaged in many a nostalgic dialogue about all the different families I babysat over the years.  Kids I loved, parents I thought were awesome, the more difficult children, and all of them in between.  Then I did what I am wont to do anytime I am caught up in the memories of yesteryear.  I scoured for the photographs. Here is what I found-

The very inception of my babysitting days. The Hurley’s.  I wanted to BE Mrs. Hurley, in all her crafty, cool, allowing-me-soda glory.  In fact, I spent more time at her house after school than at my friends. With a newborn and a two year old, she probably welcomed the company, but I still remember her kindness and the way she befriended a silly ten-year old.  She also did my hair for my 8th grade cotillion, and later confessed she had no clue what she was doing!  Obviously, I loved her kiddo’s too :) Here is me with her second little girl {who is now FIFTEEN!} Sean.


Then there was Mary Kathryn & her big brother Jay. We were next door neighbors on base and we all shared in the excitement of her adoption process.

scanned 002

Little chubbly Josh..such an easy little guy

scanned 003

A favorite from high school was definitely the Graves Family.  Mrs. Graves was a former high school English teacher & cheerleading coach.  So not only did she help me edit my papers, she was perfectly optimistic--enough to melt all that teenage angst.  In fact, even when I wasn’t babysitting for her at 5:30 am {she and her husband were runners} I could still be found at her house just hanging out.  I was wrapped around the finger of her little boy, Weston & just as fond of her sweet daughter Morgan.

scanned 001 001

My college days brought lots of new families, but I spent most of my time with the Maxwell boys, while their Mom was working hard, founding the very successful Military Spouse Magazine.  I was with these kiddo’s at least twice a week.  We played a lot of legos, dinosaurs, matchbox cars and the like.  Another family that holds a special place in my heart.


I also had a once a week with these sweet twins! Oh, we had such sweet times :)

fall 07 012

And of course, I cannot mention any of my babysitting days without a huge nod to this family.  I met them back when I was in middle school working in the church nursery.  When I was in college & working at Holy Trinity School, we were reunited and I ended up living in their carriage house for a year. I love, love, love this family.

absolutely no organization whatsoever 015

I spent a summer with this cutie, taught her swim lessons too :)

Mitchell summer edits 002

I finished off my babysitting days with these two kiddo’s.  I learned a lot from little miss and it was the perfect last fling before moving on to the real deal..



January 264

Have such fond memories of all the children I had the privilege of watching and am thankful for the way they loved me and taught me and shaped me.

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