Feb 14, 2013

James Patrick on St. Valentine’s Day

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     James thought this was a little bit ridiculous BUT went along anyways and even managed to give coy little glares instead of out and out screams.  He refuses to  smile at the mesmerizing big black box of a camera, but will give some pretty intimidating eye contact.

     Hope you have a fantastic St. Valentine’s Day.  James and I will spend it making a visit to the Physical Therapist and wishing we were hanging out with Firefighter Croft.  I am decked out in red of course, but James is boycotting the holiday in a manly shade of blue.

   ((And don’t think I came up with this photoshoot all on my own, friends. I must give credit where credit is due.  I saw this on pinterest of course, first done by this photographer & happy baby.))


Emily said...

Can I pin this!? He is SO SO SO cute!! I love it :)

Laura said...

pin away! I don't know how to! My favorite is the one where he is standing. mindy says he looks like he is saying " yeahhh, i know i'm a stud..."


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