Feb 4, 2013

Visit From the Florida Danleys

   Over Martin Luther King Jr weekend, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Florida Danley’s who made the long trek to see the new babies.  It was wonderful to catch up with my cousin Sarah, watch the two sets of twins have a blast together and hear Marcus & Cliff talk firefighting to their heart’s content.  We only wish Kim could have made it up- pesky shingles! We took the whole gang to Bergey’s {since we are obsessed} and a good time was had by all.

I call this one double, double trouble.

January 329 

A nod to Bergey’s and their fantastic little animals. The baby doll sheep is my second favorite

January 331 

But the piggy is most definitely my very favorite.

January 334 

January 338 January 333

Oh, just assembling for the group shot. Love Dad & Cecilia in this one :)

January 339


January 341

A gratuitous Croft family photo op

January 345

Relatives with babies :)

January 349 January 351

January 353

Pop Quiz! Brooke or Claire?! Sarah, you can’t answer this..

January 358

Newest best buds

January 381 

2 sets of twins, 3 if you count James & Rosemary as quasi-twins. Which I totally do. January 388

That’s a wrap!

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