Aug 12, 2010

::Whitney:: {Maternity Portraits}

     She sat behind in my Earth Science our freshmen year. She also passed out on the lab tables one day & scared me to death (but that is a story for a different day). She gave me her crutches as a Christmas gift-decorated with all our inside jokes! We invented our own language during Mrs. Hartley’s geometry class. We took our lifeguarding class together, trying to keep a straight face while learning CPR, and continued to work together for a couple summers. We sang Van Morrison together and had many heart-to-hearts over the years. We’ve been there for each other through break-ups, difficult times in college, family crisis, and so much more. And I believe I was the first one she called after meeting Mac! She relived the story—of how she cat-called out to him on Colley Ave.- and now he is her husband :)
    So, you can imagine how amazing it was for me to be able to take her maternity portraits. She is stunningly beautiful. And I was swooning over all the gorgeous colors in/around their house. Whitney’s outfit perfectly matched baby’s nautical nursery & the photo shoot was topped off when Mac, officer in the Coast Guard, came home from work…in his navy blue uniform! I LOVE the Sumner family & cannot wait to meet baby Grady (and tell him lots of crazy stories about his mother!)

Whitneyforweb 025Whitneyforweb 021
Whitneyforweb 019Whitneyforweb 017
Whitneyforweb 015Whitneyforweb 014
Whitneyforweb 008
Whitneyforweb 045
Whitneyforweb 044
Whitneyforweb 037Whitneyforweb 036
Whitneyforweb 033Whitneyforweb 028
Whitneyforweb 034Whitneyforweb 046
Whitneyforweb 032

Ok, how beautiful is she?!
I love you Whitney!!

God Bless,

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