Jul 8, 2010

::Baby Jack:: {Baptismal Portraits}

    Baby Jack is a pretty tough little man. I went to visit him on the day he was born and  he was flexing all his muscles. He loves baseball and ladies (lots of his mama’s pretty friends always swooning over him!). He is messy and can spit up real good and is just a manly little baby boy. So, I was not prepared for how HAPPY he would be to have on a baptismal gown. I thought he might make some pretty mean faces, or protest the beautiful flowing dress. But All-American Baby Boy Jack couldn't have been happier in his holy attire :) The thing is, baby Jack has a thing for his mama… he just swoons over her. So as long as she was giving him attention, he hammed it up!  God Bless you baby Jack! You are always in my prayers
~A Baptismal Prayer for a Special Boy- Lord, surround this child with goodness, lead him in Your light each day; Let him walk the path You've chosen, guide his steps along the way . Teach him to trust your wisdom and obey Your loving plan; Keep him from all harm, and protect him as he grows to be a man . -B.J. Hoff~
Can’t miss these dimples ;)
Jack Baptismal for web 009Jack Baptismal for web 007
Jack Baptismal for web 022Jack Baptismal for web 021
Jack Baptismal for web 013
Jack Baptismal for web 002Jack Baptismal for web 005
Jack Baptismal for web 040Jack Baptismal for web 003
Jack Baptismal for web 039Jack Baptismal for web 036
Jack Baptismal for web 032Jack Baptismal for web 030
Grace, Peace & Blessings,
Laura :)


jhobor said...

Laura, these photos are wonderful!

Laura Michele said...

Jamie, thank you so much. He was such a sweet, easy baby to photograph!


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