Mar 20, 2010

::Thomas and Cecilia:: {Revisited!}

My blog has been lacking little ones lately! I think it is time to re-introduce my niece and nephew :) I may be the most blessed aunt in the world…
1-because these cuties only live 10 minutes away from me and I can go love on them (read: stick my camera in their face) anytime I please and..
2-because HAVE YOU SEEN HOW CUTE THEY ARE?! and they LOVE me, I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me.

Thomas, my sweet Godson, telling me a story…always so animated!
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 009Spring 2010 C&T for blog 011
Love their babyblues..
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 007Spring 2010 C&T for blog 006
Always affectionate! I think that kiss had a lot of peanut butter involved!
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 019
Thomas uses his tongue to help him concentrate when he is playing with play dough ;)
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 008
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 016
Yesterday afternoon, they came over to my house and rode on the old tricycles in the garage…let’s just say I got a lot of practice trying to capture a moving target! I love these tricycles, though.. they look so rustic and vintage.
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 021Spring 2010 C&T for blog 005
Cecilia: white-blonde curls coming back with the humidity, faster than lightning, extremely silly—In fact, she was riding in such tight circles and then laughing hysterically when she fell off. Here she is..
I love the way she is looking at me in this one. I love how children are so comfortable just staring at you, and feeling no need to smile for the camera. She just looks so simple and self-possessed here..beautiful!
Spring 2010 C&T for blog
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 014
and finally, I’ve won her over…  she smiles and laughs! so sweet!
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 015
Loving these bikes..
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 013
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 012
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 001

Spring 2010 C&T for blog 020
And a couple more of her brother- her other half. Thing two to her Thing one.
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 003
This boy HAS MY HEART.
Spring 2010 C&T for blog 018

I hope y’all have all enjoyed the joy in Cecilia and Thomas’s portraits. They are lighting up my life, that’s for sure :)

Laura Michele


April said...

I just love all of your pictures. You have such an eye for the best shots. You should so just make a career out of it. Keep up the good work, maybe I will hire you for some family shots one day!

Christi said...

I love how you have so effectively captured those precious moments and fun personalities! Great shots, Laura!

Craig Spiering said...

Some great shots! Your style is getting more and more pronounced your capturing some great moments.

Sarah Danley said...

Laura these are beautiful and I just had to comment on the one of Thomas with his tongue sticking out. The girls do the same thing when they are concentrating. I know I've seen PopPop do it too. My parents always say "theres that Danley tongue". Its funny the way our genes can show up :)
Love you girly!

Laura Michele said...

haha, Sarah! I stick my tongue out too when concentrating! It is not cute when I do it though, haha!


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