Mar 9, 2010

::Emily and Baby Buns:: {Maternity Portraiture}

      Meet the Thompsons! Last Saturday afternoon, Emily and I got together to capture her beautiful, beautiful belly! I am sure Emily must have been a model in a previous life ;) We had a lot of fun and did a lot of walking.. In fact, I was sure our hike through my neighborhood was going to jump-start her labor! (Just kidding!  Baby Buns, stay put until you are good and cooked!!). I am pretty sure it is impossible to take a bad picture of either Brock or Emily, so they make photography pretty easy :) Emily and Brock, thank you so very, very much for letting me capture your family. You know you are very near to my heart, and I love your baby so much already!!
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Kim Hams said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures Laura!! You really have a talent!!

Laura Michele said...

Kim, you are my first commenter EVER! Thank you so much for the when can I take pictures of you and Matt?!

Anonymous said...

Laura! I had no idea you did photography and your work is so refreshing. And your apartment is totally cute. Yes, I took the tour. But since you read my first blog post you know I don't have much else to do right now :) I'd love to see you and Marcus soon...perhaps for dinner.


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