Nov 12, 2010

Saturday Play Date ~ Little Redheads~

     When I saw a cute little redhead peeking around the corner when I knocked on their door last Saturday, I knew I was in for a good time. Mister J and I connected over Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Playmobile and funny faces. Little sis and I got to play a bit later and I think she may be a budding photographer. She was very interested in my camera, and liked to check the LCD screen to make sure I got a good shot ;)

Gaston for web 002Gaston for web 006Gaston for web 007Gaston for web 010Gaston for web 011Gaston for web 012Gaston for web 013Gaston for web 015Gaston for web 018Gaston for web 019Gaston for web 020Gaston for web 026Gaston for web 028Gaston for web 036Gaston for web 041Gaston for web 043

Okay, off to die my hair red!


Laura :)

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