Nov 28, 2010

Family Photographer for a day

     Remember sweet handsome man baby Pierce?! Well, a couple weeks ago he invited me over to his grandparents house to meet Grandma, Grandpa, and uncle. While I am not typically a family photographer, I would do anything for this kid!! ;) And boy am I glad I did! Not only did I get to hang out with his beautiful mama Colby, (my old pal from Maury High—GO COMMODORES!) again and take in some beautiful backyard scenery.. I learned some pretty cool things about Pierce’s grandpa (By the way…Colby’s parents looked WAY to young to be grandparents!) Pierce’s grandpa used to work for the same aquatic company I work for now. We even managed the same pool during the summers (yay, T pool!!). We had a good time discussing the timeless shenanigans of MWR lifeguards. I assured him that lifeguards and even the supposed-matured lifeguard instructors like ourselves- have not become any better behaved since he left ;)  I should also mention that baby Pierce has a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months since his grandma is retiring, leaving much more time for her handsome grandson! I am excited for you Mrs. Pierce!! Colby’s brother came along for the photoshoot, and I must say he and Pierce could be twins! Colby mentioned that her son looked like her brother, but I was unprepared for how much so! Beautiful, beautiful family all around :) Thank you Worthams & Pierce’s!

Pierce Family forweb 018Pierce Family forweb 017Pierce Family forweb 011Pierce Family forweb 006Pierce Family forweb 004Pierce Family forweb 002

Pierce Family forweb 033Pierce Family forweb 029Pierce Family forweb 025Pierce Family forweb 020Pierce Family forweb 028Pierce Family forweb 021

God Bless :)


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