Apr 3, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

   I have to say, I’m almost embarrassed to show up here, after my sporadic blogging recently and all out absences. It’s not as if I have people sitting around waiting to for blog updates. Well, that is except for my little brother, who comes to me frequently demanding to know why I have not been blogging. I’m so famous.

What I have NOT been doing recently

1) Blogging

2) Taking Pictures

3) Learning to cook

4) Eating sugar

5) Tackling wedding to-do’s in a timely fashion

6) Cleaning

7) Scrapbooking

9) Brushing my hair

8) Saving money

What I have been doing recently

1) Thinking about blogging

2) Also, thinking about taking pictures

3) Contemplating getting rid of all my scrapbooking supplies

4) Working out…and not for the wedding, people. It is just that I have recently discovered a direct link between exercise and energy levels. I know, I know..a brand new phenomenon! I was seriously lacking in the energy department, so it was back to swimming and running. Hopefully this extra energy will yield blogging results. Or simply help me to make my bed in the morning. I would be satisfied with either.

5) Being swept off my feet by Marcus

6) Learning how to correctly address outer and inner wedding invite envelopes. If one reaches you and it is addressed incorrectly, it is probably one of my sisters’ faults. Certainly not hasty, careless me. And the same holds true if you find messy handwriting. That is definitely my sister’. Have I mentioned how grateful I am for their help?!

7) Falling in love with Cheesecake (which is why #4 ain’t gonna do much for me)

8) Thinking about writing a book.

9) Changing stuff on our bridal registry 3 times a day. Oh, to be indecisive.

10) Enjoying lots of coffee and lunch dates with amazing, supportive, beautiful girlfriends

11) Going to baby showers. Every other weekend. Really looking forward to lots of babies this summer. Hooray for pregnant friends!

12) Missing my blog.

13) Missing my brothers. My big brother, sailing the seas on the USS Enterprise, being a handsome Naval Officer, and the younger one..away at Ohio State, being a handsome JUNIOR Naval Officer.

13) Feeling bad for my readers when I don’t post any pictures with my blog posts. Strange, I know..but I feel some weird guilt when I post without any photographs. Not that my pictures are anything special, but they’ve got to be more interesting than my writing!

unedited for blog 004 unedited for blog 006 unedited for blog 008

So, as you can see, I HAVE been doing more than I have not been doing. I think, anyways. I’ll keep working on it, and be back to report.

As for now, it’s back to the invitations.



Jiza Z. said...

LOL. I love your list of what you have been doing lately. I have to say that when we were engaged, changing the bridal registry or adding on to it was pretty fun. Haha.

Anonymous said...



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