Apr 14, 2011

Poetry Bloggin’

Writer’s block and wedding planning has tried to keep me away

but I’ve missed this ‘ole blog and wish I had to time to stay

Instead of photographs and laughs, I’ll simply have to summarize,

All that is old news around here, and what is on the rise!


Last week was all about wedding invites, it was quite an ordeal,

addresses, handwriting, labels and stamps… I was  glad when they were all sealed.

Wedding details still hard at work with sashes for bridesmaid dresses,  dinner buffet menus to plan,

mass music to pick out,  bakeries to visit and flowers to hold in my hand.


I’ve snuck in time for babysitting jobs and baby showers,

lunch dates with friends and Adoration hours.

A James Taylor concert was the highlight of my month,

no matter that Marcus & I were the youngest in the bunch.


An engagement shoot with yellow flowers and a bicycle built for two

Pre-Cana counseling and apartment hunting, it’s all so new!

Our sweet nephew turns one, with birthday celebrations galore,

while my friend welcomes her brand new son, who I already adore.


Okay, Okay I’ll stop all this poetry nonsense, no need to coerce.

Call it a stanza, a sonnet, iambic pentameter or blank verse.

Just whatever you do, don’t call it a haiku,

it lacked 7 and 5 syllable statements, so it just wouldn’t do. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This posts is AMAZING. I have missed your blog so much Laura! Please keep writing!


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