Jun 8, 2012

Charleston Day 2-Beach Day!

     Marcus & I headed to Folly Beach on Saturday & it was nearly perfect. We had an amazing lunch, swam in the sun-warmed water, and just relaxed on the beach. I say nearly perfect because we managed to get a parking ticket…just to keep things adventurous! You might be wondering why would have parked in an undesignated area, thus resulting in a ticket, but I would have to inform you that, no, we got a $50 ticket for parking with one wheel partially on the street. Folly Beach knows how to make some money! The ticket was even given in the form of an envelope, so you could slip your money in & drop it in a nearby drop box! How convenient of them! I only snapped a couple of pictures since I mostly just wanted to play in the water, but I did document my growing belly.

Charleston June 2012 048Charleston June 2012 054

Charleston June 2012 041  

Charleston June 2012 050

Charleston June 2012 052

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