Jun 19, 2012

Brian’s Commissioning

    Even though I am clearly the most successful child in my family, being the career lifeguard and all, my little brother has not done too bad for himself. In fact, he has done so well, that I hopped {fell} into a 1986 shiny black corvette and rode for ten hours to see him graduate from Ohio State a couple weekends ago. I should probably clarify- I actually didn’t go to see him graduate- don’t get me wrong- I am very proud of his 3.75 finance major self, but I didn’t feel the need to attend the largest graduation in America with 50,000 other people in the sweltering heat. So I said Congratulations from the my grandparents nice air conditioned house and told I would see him at the after party. I really went to see him get commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy! Mostly because there wouldn’t be 50,000 people there-that and it is wonderful, tradition rich ceremony. You can see Chris’ here

     As for the way aforementioned shiny black corvette? My brother’s decided to buy a corvette to share, and Chris drove it to Ohio for the weekend so Brian could have have fun with it while he did all types of graduation and commissioning type things. Riding in a corvette for ten hours at 16 weeks pregnant was quite the adventure and I am sure you won’t wonder how we got there an hour faster than we should have. And that included all the this-baby-is-on-my-bladder rest stops, too.

      While I am sure potty breaks and shiny corvettes are interesting and all…. check out my sweet little brother’s Naval Commissioning!

Here is Brian & his friend, JJ, heading off to the commissioning!

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 003


















Oh Brian, you are cute!

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 007























Cecilia & Thomas posing before the ceremony

  Brian's Comissioning Jun12 012 Brian's Comissioning Jun12 014

This friend of the family, Meredith, was the secretary at ROTC Unit when my dad was in ROTC at Ohio State. She was also the secretary when Chris was there AND Brian’s freshman year. She came back to see Brian get commissioned!

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 016 

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 019

Getting sworn in by Dad

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 021 

 Brian's Comissioning Jun12 026

Cecilia & Thomas got to put on his new shoulder boards

 Brian's Comissioning Jun12 027

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 028 Brian's Comissioning Jun12 029

They may have completely stole the show..

 Brian's Comissioning Jun12 031

Brian giving his remarks…which included a ‘Happy Birthday, Laura!’ Which then made me cry.

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 032

Silver Dollar Salute from his friend JJ

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 037 

Brothers shaking hands in the receiving line. 

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 042 

Getting a hug from Cecilia & Thomas

 Brian's Comissioning Jun12 047 

and a hug from yours truly..

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 051

And a hug for mom

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 054

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 055 

  Brian's Comissioning Jun12 060

Since Chris & Brian both went to Ohio State, they had the awesome blessing of being around the corner from two sets of grandparents AND Aunt Mary!

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 061

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 065  Brian's Comissioning Jun12 068

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 070

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 072  

I think I will close out with this adorable picture

Brian's Comissioning Jun12 078 

Congratulations Ensign Danley!!


Cat said...

Loving the 1, 2, and 3 stripes in your family. Congrats to your brother!

Laura said...

Oh, that is neat-I didn't even realize! I enjoyed seeing pictures of the retirement ceremony you went to recently. Military ceremonies are always so cool!


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