Jun 7, 2012

Charleston Day One

     When Marcus & I decided to take a long weekend to Charleston for our anniversary, I was a little apprehensive since I was {am} still experiencing lingering, nagging morning sickness. I really wanted to just eat as much Charleston-deliciousness as I could and food aversions make that difficult.  So we armed ourselves with plenty of Laura-and-baby friendly foods for the drive and stay and headed down south last Thursday. It was only about a 6.5 hour drive and I tried to limit my liquid-intake to control the bathroom breaks! Marcus & I have always loved taking car trips together, even joking that the drive is our favorite part of our vacations… I guess we just like the uninterrupted {for now} chat time,  our mix CDs, and playing a plethora of Marcus’ endless & imaginative pass-the-time games. When we got to my brothers house on Thursday evening, he cooked us dinner & took us for a joyride in his antique jeep to show us around-the weather was perfect, too!

    Friday we decided to just go explore downtown, eat some delicious food & then check out the local Fire Museum. We did all that except for the delicious food part. I should probably spare you the ‘ low blood sugar meltdown in a chick-fil-a drive through-I’m a horrible mom already’ part, haha! I promise it was still a good day!!

Charleston June 2012 001   Charleston June 2012 004

Love, love, love all the colors. I decided I need to move into a yellow house.

Charleston June 2012 005 Charleston June 2012 007  Charleston June 2012 012Charleston June 2012 024Charleston June 2012 015 Charleston June 2012 010    Charleston June 2012 019Charleston June 2012 026   Charleston June 2012 016

Charleston June 2012 040

Lucky for Marcus’ wallet & our budget..we don’t know the sex of our baby yet. If we had, I would have bought every little smocked dress or jonjon I laid my eyes on. What do you think friends? Boy or Girl?! {P.S Marcus thinks girl, and I have absolutely no feelings or inclinations…}

Charleston June 2012 008 

Then we went to the FIRE MUSEUM!!

Charleston June 2012 029 Charleston June 2012 031

Charleston June 2012 032 Charleston June 2012 033 Charleston June 2012 035

Come back tomorrow to read about yet another food meltdown, see a preggo at the beach & other pictures!

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