Aug 30, 2012

August, you’re leaving?! You just got here!

     Obviously, I’m in shock that it really is the end of August. Is there some sort of rule that seasons have to pass quicker with each year or something? I guess keeping busy has a way of making the time fly. Teaching for RAPS was entirely too much fun {as evidenced by the two hour nap which would sometimes follow the swim lessons} but the fun didn’t end there.

     When we weren’t watching the Olympics, I was cooking dinner again {thank you morning sickness for mostly leaving!! You were a little late but hooray!} When Marcus is not firefighting or catching up on sleep he has been working with his dad here and there. His engine is the second busiest in the city of Virginia Beach, so not much sleeping occurs that during the night. Which is why I get to capture him doing this when he gets off a shift.  I may or may not have thrown open the curtains and turned on the light to take this. I can’t remember if I am that awesome of a wife or not. But I am guessing yes. Sorry, Marcus!

  August 2012 031

   We’ve continued our summer of fruit-picking. More blueberries and peaches from Knott’s Island

 IMG_20120804_120657 IMG_20120804_120705

I spend more than my fair share of time at Bergy’s, taking any and all of my girlfriends who just want to meet up for a lunch date. I can’t help myself.. I love them cows!


Speaking of friends, we had one of our favorites over for dinner before she heads off for a deployment. Here we are at her going-away party. Three Laura’s!


August also brought the happy news that my sister is going to be mama to another little…….

Photo: The kids open their eyes an discover whether they have a new brother or sister on the way :)

Around the middle of the month, we celebrated this guy’s birthday!  Patrick, I can’t believe you are 15!

our first christmas 2011 263

Then, as if I wasn’t excited enough for fall, I took some pictures of College Floral Arrangements for my Mom C.’s  flower shop- Flowers by Kings.  Do you recognize the different Va schools? I think these are so neat!

August 2012 006August 2012 010 August 2012 013 August 2012 024

I think the highlight of August was going to see Marcus’ grandparents in Northern Virginia. It was just a quick trip, but packed with the sweetest memories and quality time.



We saw Uncle John, too!


August was my first month as a stay at home Mom. I haven’t eaten any bon-bons whilst relaxing on the couch {I tried, but they gave me heartburn}, but I have made much more time for seeing friends, tackling organization and other projects for baby, exercising, the luxury of taking naps when I can, daily mass, hitting up the Farmer’s Market for our favorite Muscadine grapes, spending Wednesday evenings at our birth class, babysitting Cecilia & Thomas here and there, getting back to volunteering with the local pro-life Ministry, spending hours researching baby-type things, avoiding the grocery store &  avoiding cleaning the bathroom {just being honest} and nannying for a family on Wednesdays. I have not been bored yet, just thankful for this time. I know eeevvvveerryything will change in November! When I was working, it always seemed my shifts were opposite of Marcus’ day’s off, so I’ve just been so grateful to be off when he is off now and packing in as much QT before there are 3 of us!  

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