Aug 2, 2012

Evening News

1) As of July 20th, I am an aunt again! Oh happy day! Meet sweet Charlotte:

2) I am so happy to be pregnant at the same time as many of my friends and much fun. My friend April is having her second baby, and we decided to snap some Maternity pictures this time around. I love, love, love this girl. We lifeguarded together in the good ole days and have been close ever since. Her and her husband make incredibly cute babies so I can’t wait to see this one in just a couple weeks!

Isn’t mama beautiful?! She is always sporting this smile and disposition!

Munden Family july12 107

3)Speaking of pregnant friends, here I am with my faves from high school….Sam {on the far right} is due in September with a boy! This was at her adorably cute, nautically themed baby shower.

4) My son is growing..

Baby Croft 235 Baby Croft 238


5) My sister-in-law really is this gorgeous! She is taking a break from pregnant right now, but maybe we’ll try to sync up for our next babies ;) I was supposed to be taking pictures of a wedding reception, but I got distracted..

jj 298

6) My uncle Cliff, a firefighter in Jacksonville, called to check in on Marcus a couple nights ago. These guys talked shop for so long my cell phone started to die. I could only hear one side of the conversation but it made me want to go to Florida as soon as possible to get these firemen together. That, and hang out with Cliff’s daughter- my beloved cousin Sarah & her twins! Hmm winter trip?



7) I have been spending my mornings teaching swim lessons with the one and only R.A.P.S swimming program. Oh my goodness, fun doesn’t even begin to describe it. I want to keep all my kids forever! I’ll be doing a whole blog post on this program soon-with pictures!!

8) I take back what I said about Michael Phelps..especially since he kicked butt tonight. I am not a huge fan of the obnoxious grill-wearing Ryan Lochte.

9) My sister finds out the sex of her baby in a week! I am SOOOO excited to see if Cecilia & Thomas will have a little brother or a little sister.

10)  I am cooking meat again these days. I sometimes can’t eat what I have cooked but by golly, I’m cooking meat again. And if you would like to argue if this segment should have made the evening news…just ask Marcus.

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