Aug 1, 2012

Is it Overdone to Blog about the Olympics?

     Even though they should be inspiring feelings of patriotic pride, the Olympics are really a sore subject for me. That is only because I am still coming to grips with the fact that I never made it to the 2004 Olympics as a gymnast. Which I really, really thought I would. When I was 12. Never mind that I still couldn’t do a round-off back handspring without a spot or do the splits alllll the way down with my left leg. I should have taken the fact that they turned my gymnastics gym into an OBGYN office as a sign. Instead I just convinced my mom to drive me out to the Virginia Beach Gymstrada twice a week.  So while everybody is watching the fab 5 win the gold medal, I’m harboring the teeniest bit of regret, sprinkled with thoughts of “That could have been me”

     Actually, it really couldn’t have been me. I may be freakishly flexible, but I lacked raw, natural talent and probably a motivating work ethic, too. I’d like to brag about how I can still do a backbend, from standing (!) AND stand right back up {pre-pregnancy, people} but I’ll try to nurse my Olympic-hopeful pride somewhere else.


     I enjoyed the opening ceremony, y’all! EXCEPT the routine by the British National Health Service. AND the super weird performance with the teenage male & female lead revolving around cellphones. I’m still confused about that one. But the Mr. Bean?! And the Mary Poppins! And J.K Rowling! And  the James Bond & the Queen bit? Loved it. I loved how they incorporated the history of Great Britain in the beginning, gave a nod to all those who had fought for their country and included so much British culture. I was pretty entertained. I can’t comment on the torch lighting or the all the different countries processing in since I was instead studying the inside of my eyelids.


    I love watching the swimming and tend to think I am an expert, explaining to Marcus what different athletes are doing right or wrong. I don’t know if he has noticed that I am just repeating whatever the commentators said, but it makes me feel knowledgeable all the same. When I am not showing off my swimming critique skills, I am busy feeling embarrassed for Michael Phelps. Is that strange? Not in a mean way, just in a man-I’m-sorry-winning-some-silver-medals-actually-sucks-since-you-are-so-used-to-only-winning-gold-ones way.  That being said, Phelps has done amazing things this Olympics. The whole most decorated Olympian thing is pretty darn impressive.  While we are on the topic of the most talked about swimmer, I’ll  mention that I am mostly bewildered at his heartthrob status. He is pretty strange looking to me, mostly in ways that make him an incredible swimmer, but strange nonetheless.


    Obviously, I could do watch gymnastics for hours, and want to throw things at the T.V when they switch to a different sport. Go Gabby! I’m  also looking forward to watching all the running, hurdles, relays {track and field?} with the exception of the race walking. I see plenty of people doing that in my neighborhood. I am pretty much glued to water polo, diving, and volleyball, too. I’m probably going to finally get off the couch and clean my house when equestrian, anything in a canoe, cycling, or archery comes on. And I just saw that the Trampoline is a sport?! I think I’ll be tuning in to that!


     I have the Olympics to blame every morning when I am yawning through swim lessons. The Olympics also remind me of the summer Marcus & I first started dating! Now I swear that our baby kicks harder than ever when I am watching the Olympics. True, he could be telling me to get off the couch, but I like to think he is a natural athlete just taking in all the excitement.


     Am I the only one who thought the Opening Ceremony was pretty cool? What are your favorite sports to watch? Do you think Michael Phelps is a little on the strange looking side? And most importantly, do you put off all things productive when the Olympics are on and feel like you can’t look away? No? That’s just me? sigh…

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Cat said...

Of course it's not overdone, and yes, the Olympics is majorly affecting productivity around these parts as well. I wish I had you around to explain swimming to me. I also love gymnastics and am not sure you so my story about how I did a cartwheel at 40 weeks pregnant, but I'm pretty sure it induced my labor. So keep that in the back of your mind.


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