Apr 24, 2013

Baby Croft Chronicles III

     I think I’ll open this with the super original ‘I can’t BELIEVE he is 5 months already,’ because it is so true!  How have 5 utterly exhausting, novel, joyful, scary, smiley, drooly, crying, busy months gone by? 

March 2013 053

James Patrick continues to chunk up nicely.  He was 14.6 lbs at his 4 month appointment, now around 16 pounds and he can really work that double chin.  The fat puffs up sweetly around those dimples.  His ears are still adorably outward growing. Little man does still have the monk-look hairstyle on the back of his head, but other than that he has a nice little fuzz all about his head. Those once blue eyes are a deep, chocolaty brown that twinkle when he smiles.  And he smiles a lot!  He is a pretty photogenic guy and I can normally convince him to give me a big ‘ole grin for the camera. Or at least an inquisitive stare :)

  March 2013 043 

     He spends his days rolling all over the living room floor.  I have found him underneath the rocking chair and over the floor vents.  He plays mostly on his tummy now, as his floor mat’s tabs and squeakers keep him pretty entertained (that is for 5-10 minutes) at a time. He likes his Lamaze toys, a baby Einstein singing & blinking sun, a black & white contrast chubby teething book, my kitchen spatulas, my cell phone, anybody’s keys and ohhh myy goshhh the paper! JP goes crazy for some paper!

 March 2013 024

He reaches out to grab everything and anything.  Our dinner plates, my hair, his great grandmother’s nose, eye glasses and the like.  The only time he will permit being on his back is when he has his little tootsies shoved into his mouth.  Should be disgusting, but is oh-so adorable

April 2013 052 April 2013 042 April 2013 044

James is  always sticking out his tongue, ready to suck on anything, or sucking in his bottom lip. Just love that look, little cutie

March 2013 061 

He sleeps with a blankie, likes to be held by his mama, loves to be sung to, LOVES to be outside. He finally doesn't make a peep in the cars seat and I celebrate that every time we get in the car.  Oh, and this boy can finally nurse!! The days of tongue tie drama, latch issues, tears, and stretching & sucking exercises are a thing of the past. It took a good 4 months but I thank God for the improvement everyday!!

April 2013 076 April 2013 079

    As usual, we keep busy.  I’m a stay at home mama who just can’t stay home.  We frequent Nana’s, Auntie Em’s, Aunt Mindy’s, and hanging out with Mama’s friends: the Sams & April.  We walk and walk and walk and we have to break out the bucket hat on these sunny days.  When we don’t have a play date scheduled, I drag your play mat on the back deck or the front sidewalk.  We went a-traveling to DC, Pennsylvania & Columbus! We’ve been to Bergey’s where the goat scared him, birthday parties, the Farmer’s Market and a Fish Fry & Stations of the Cross during Lent.  He hated going out to eat on Easter Vigil & fussed the entire time we were in the restaurant, but liked going to the pool to meet Mama’s old co-workers.  Get it together, baby!

 April 2013 113 April 2013 114

Oh, but these times have been so, so hard.  As I type this, I think I’ve had about 3 hours of sleep.  Baby James is still an extremely fussy, fussy little guy.  I can’t seem to just dismiss it as his temperament, since his fussiness is just kind of peppered throughout the day.  In between smiles & laughs, while playing, even when nursing.  Holding him does not even seem to soothe him.  He seems uncomfortable and extremely restless.  So, in a word- his mama & daddy are exhausted & a bit discouraged..especially since we thought he was doing better during months 3 & 4. I thought his fussy days were leaving us when just in the last 2-3 weeks things have suddenly become quite miserable over here.   I am going to be eliminating dairy (again, hip, hip hooray) since he is showing many signs of food allergies.  He’s had eczema, lots of mucus (since he was a newborn..not a cold!), a random but persistent dry coughing, red eyes, ever present green mucus stools (sorry, that’s just gross, I know!) colic-like mood, increased spit-up and the worst symptom of all- horribly, terribly crappy sleep.  He doesn’t necessarily want to nurse, he doesn’t scream or cry, just writhes around-acting distressed & uncomfortable, waking himself up & then remaining up at VERY non-waking hours.  SO, hopefully cutting out dairy, and adding some probiotics will help.  I’m sure I’ll keep you all posted.  Perhaps some may think I am a psycho first time mom, but my gut tells me to figure out what the heck ails him.  That or more to Alaska!  And if you feel like saying a prayer for us, I wouldn’t be mad at you. 

 April 2013 118 April 2013 119

     Lest I leave on such a depressing note, let me assure you… this baby is a cutie.  He makes us laugh every day and we are wrapped around his little chubby, dimpled fingers.  He is helping us to grow and become just who God is calling us to be and we adore him. You’re a keeper, James P!

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