Apr 12, 2013

Lessons on Easter

     Sigh. When will I ever learn? A wise, wise, wise mother once shared with me about the trouble our expectations can cause.  My expectations really cause me trouble on the holiday fronts.  It started with our first Thanksgiving and the hits just keep on coming.  It’s all my fault, too.  Actually, I take that back… I am sure Pinterest overachieving pins & ooey gooey facebook updates have something to do with it too—oh the pressure!  But, really.  Who tries to take their 4 month baby to get their picture taken with an Easter Bunny when he {or me} has not slept all night, the Firefighting husband is sleep deprived and has a sinus infection, and we are supposed to be packing to get ready to go out of town?!  That would be me.  I also wanted to make a bunny cake, make deviled eggs for my mom’s Easter dinner, order James a nice Easter basket, dye Easter eggs, make Marcus something creative for Easter and wear something non-maternity to Easter Vigil.


     Instead, the hard-boiled eggs never got to be deviled,  Easter Vigil-ing mass didn’t happen, and James’ basket of spit-up rags worked for an Easter basket.  I cried hot tears of shame when the Easter bunny picture didn’t work (since I KNEW I was ridiculous for even trying),  Marcus’ cold got even worse and he slept through most of Easter Sunday, and I was the only family member not to contribute to dinner.  Oh, the humility I need.


    Interestingly enough, Jesus still rose from the dead.  Yup, believe it or not, even with the failed aspirations of a picture-perfect Easter, and my constant whining “It just doesn’t feel like Easter to me!” He still rose


     I’m wondering how much longer it will take me to learn that Holidays are not about feelings, perfect gifts, accomplished to-do lists, whose house we celebrate it at, the cute clothes, pictures or delicious meals.  I’m guessing it will be a slow process, I’m not claiming to be a quick learner.  But all expectations aside, it was a beautiful Easter.  Little James Patrick and I got dolled up in our very imperfect Easter Sunday best, and enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday mass. I had not been to one in so long (I’ve always loved Easter Vigil) that I had totally forgot how powerful & joyful they are.  We let Marcus sleep away the sickness while we headed over to Mom’s for the rest of the day.  The baby was a fussy little guy, but there were so many helping hands.  My mom, Mindy & Kathleen prepared an incredible feast and the rainy morning gave way to some much-needed sunshine.  Marcus felt up to joining us all for dinner & dessert as well as a couple of pictures.

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     Easter is always Easter because of what Jesus did, not all the extra, feel-good stuff we do.

(I’m preaching to the choir here)

So did you hear that Laura?! Jesus rose from the dead.  And he is going to next year, too.  Even if James’ doesn’t get a picture with Easter bunny!

Alleluia, friends, Happy Easter!

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Cat said...

I think it was on another blog or somewhere that I read this sorta same thing, and she called it the "Hallmark Trap." The beauty of our holidays is that they still happen whether we "do" everything we hope to or not. Our first Easter with Cora (she was 10 weeks) was one of my best, even though all she had was a basket, we went to morning mass, and I couldn't even tell you what we ate for dinner that night. But I can assure you it wasn't much since I was still not much for cookin' at that point. It was low-key, and we could just bask in the glow of the risen Christ instead of worrying about eggs or perfect pictures or whatever.


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