Dec 7, 2011

Unsanitary make-up practices

     When I was in 8th grade, my girlfriends & I used to put make-up on in the bathroom before our classes started. Line the top & bottom of eyes, lather on the lip gloss, break out the blush…you name it and we put it on. I didn’t have any make-up to contribute so I just borrowed from my much cooler friends. I know that doesn’t sound sanitary y’all, but we were 14 & didn’t know any better. I think, anyways. Sometime during that year, I went to the mall with those cooler friends & bought my own lipstick from Bath & Body Works. It wasn’t until after I owned it that I realized nobody in the 8th grade wears lipstick. Overly glossy, tacky lip gloss was in vogue back then. So that lipstick sat in my closet through the rest of middle school & high school. I would open it from time to time, put it on and admire it. I remember wishing I had the guts to wear it, thinking it was so beautiful. I even vowed to wear it on my wedding day. It moved with me out of my parent’s home in college, to my bachelorette pad, back to my parent’s & finally to the home that Marcus & I share. Sometime in college I started wearing it on dates & when I needed a pick-me-up. I was careful to make sure to not use it up. In June 2011, my favorite lipstick finally had it’s big shining moment.


And yes, I bought this lipstick in 2000. Which makes it 11 years old. I just googled the shelf life of lipstick & was told they are good for 4 years at the longest.


I guess this lipstick just defied the odds.

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Sam Derby said...

Love this post. I actually think it's very touching and nostalgic in a way! It reminds me of getting ready at FRP after closing to go out on a Friday night! :)


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