Nov 15, 2012

38 Week Walkin’

     When I drove past Oak Grove Lake Park earlier this week, I was amazed at the colors. I made a mental note to go for a “waddle” there later on this week.  The weather has been a little overcast the past couple of days but we still had a beautiful walk there today. We took pictures on Marcus’ cell phone since mine is all charged and packed away for the birth. Even without a bright blue sky it still looks pretty amazing. I’ll definitely be heading back over the next couple weeks!

My view these days…



 IMG_20121115_160458  IMG_20121115_160821 


IMG_20121115_161348 IMG_20121115_161840

November is so gorgeous around these parts! Even just driving along the highway is quite the sight..get out and enjoy it :)

1 comment:

Jiza @ The Real JZ said...

Look at that BELLAAAAYYYY! How exciting!! Almost here!!! :-)


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