Nov 30, 2012


     The whole month of November I’ve been meaning to join in on the 30 days of Gratitude, but I was always behind the power curb. Then I had a baby. So, today on the last day of November, I’m going to get all types of thankful on the bliggity blog.

1. Number one is always easy. Jesus Christ, God the Father, the Holy Spirit. My Catholic  Faith. The Holy Eucharist. Okay, that is more than one thing. I am so forever grateful to know, love & serve a Heavenly Father who created me, loved me and died on the cross for me.

feb photo of the day 110

2. The holy Sacrament of Matrimony with Marcus

LundyPhoto_L&M_99 LundyPhoto_L&M_277

3. The family God hand picked for me. It is easy to take them for granted, but I know how blessed I am to have two parents who love each other and a handful of helpful, fun, supportive siblings :)


4.  My loving & welcoming in-laws. I hit the in-law jackpot. I gained THREE more sisters, two great brothers..and the sweetest set of parents. Not to mention some adorable little nieces and the most handsomest of nephews


5. Nieces and nephews… They are the CUTEST!

photo-a-day 084





6. Our perfect little home

our home 003

7. The opportunity for an education and to go to college.

grad and fam reunion 025

8. Thankful to be an American

9. Grateful to always have had more than enough to eat

10. An incredible young adult community to encourage me in my Faith and provide me with an abundance of Christian fellowship

11. The years I spent lifeguarding

boys modeling

12. The seasons, namely…Autumn!

Camping 2011! 033 Camping 2011! 036

13. My grandparents :)

IMG_20120825_150633 ohio2011 141

ohio 2009 122 Ohio 2010 207

14. For summers spent in Ohio

ohio2011 108 ohio2011 105

15. For Marcus’ job

 marcus fire

16. Being a swim teacher!

RAPS Aug 2012 118RAPS Aug 2012 215 

17. Staying in touch with friends from high school

photo-a-day 006

November 2012 023

18. Alllll my friends!

bridal and bachelorette 226 photo-a-day 029 October 2012 029

19. Thankful for family and friends who serve in the military


20. Music!!

summer 2011 090

21.  Photography

fineart edited SPRING 2010 003 fineart edited SPRING 2010 008 fineart edited SPRING 2010 012

22. Books :)

Uncle Brian 02-11 002October 2012 163

23. My health

24. The upcoming holidays :)

 our first christmas 2011 054

25. The ability to vacation

Charleston June 2012 119

26. All the kiddo’s I’ve babysat/nannied for over the years.

27.  So happy to live near the beach!

Summer 2009 082

28. Thanksgiving!

Tnaksgiving 2009 052

28. This bliggity-blog

29. Nostalgia and memories and old photographs

Scanned 002 Scanned 001

30. Last, but most certainly not least…my latest blessing. My sweet son, James Patrick

James Patrick Croft 140 

As you can see, my cup overflows :)

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Jiza @ The Real JZ said...

The Best 30 Days of Thanksgiving, hands down. I do have to say that the photo of your grandparents laughing is my favorite! It just makes my heart smile!!


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