Nov 9, 2012

A Cell-Phone Picture Dump

     Note I didn’t say Instagram.  We are not that cool.

     That was the most accurate title I could come up with for this post. I won’t pretend I’m witty! This post IS a recent downloading of the pictures of Marcus’ cell phone. A brief look into the going-ons of the Crofts. They are not from my cell phone because my phone does not take recognizable photographs. It takes scary, blurry ones that look like something from a horror movie.


    So without further ado {and in no particular order}..

snug-a-bunny bouncer with some cute bunnies waiting on MY little bunny. Thank you Aunt Angie!


I’m playing in the leaves with my big hair and my smaller belly. And I thought it was HUGE when Marcus snapped these.

IMG_20121004_143245 IMG_20121004_143218 

Marcus figures out the baby bjorn with the help of Snoopy. We use that Snoopy, given to me with chocolate on a past Valentines Day, for all things baby. He’s been strapped into the bouncer, the car seat, the high name it. I about died laughing when Marcus came out of the bedroom sporting this  IMG_20121016_160442 

The only time doing laundry was fun.


Marcus working at work


Marcus playing at work {All made-up firefighter games aside..those squirrels look so good! What an artist!}


Marcus took this picture of a picture at my mom’s house the other day.  When we got home, he was all…”Look, sweetheart! You were so cute when you were in elementary school!!” Then I was all like…. “Marcus, that is one of my SENIOR pictures!”



Marcus at a pumpkin patch!



There you have it! Stay tuned for next months, also random cell phone picture dump!

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