Nov 16, 2012

Crossing my fingers…

To win THIS give-away!  I was just researching baby carriers in the wee early hours of the morning when I wasn’t sleeping {the uncomfortable days have officially made their appearance} It was a three way tie between the Ergo, the Bebo or the Beco.  After scrolling through parenting forums, mom blogs, consumer reports and the like, I quickly decided the Beco was the one I wanted.  I refrained from waking my husband up at that exact moment to explain why I would be needing 140 dollars, since it was, after all, 4 in the morning, but I happily bookmarked their website.  Lo & Behold, our local cloth diaper store is having a give-away!  Normally I am embarrassingly lazy when it comes to these things, but this time I am entering every way possible! Which explains this blog post :)


So, I’m crossing my fingers and saying my prayers!

Here is to hoping!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I have the Ergo and LOVE it!


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