May 9, 2011

Belated Blogging

     In between being only 25 days from becoming Mrs. Marcus Croft and moving into my new home, I’m a little late on blogging some important events.

~I will number them for you. Number One always comes first

This beauty:

    kathleen photoshop 012

turned 16 on April 15th. A sweet, sweet 16. She was lovingly dubbed ‘The CEO’ by Aunt Mary, at a mere age of 4, and it’s true! Smart as a whip, this girl can run anything from a dinner party to a military operation. I’m certain is has nothing to do with that red hair.

~Onto important event number 2.

This sister:

Mindy Portraits 043

had a birthday on April 29th! Besides being the mother to the cutest boy-girl twins I know, she is currently making me a veil, sashes for my bridesmaids dresses, a tie for my handsome groom. Oh yeah, and she also threw me the sweetest {and yummiest!} bridal shower. I love my little sister AND my big sister! Don’t they look alike?!

~Important event number tres {I’m cultural}

This handsome man boy man little brother:

williamsburg 2010 221turned 21. On May 1st. Two day’s after Mindy’s birthday. I found a quote that will help me express my feelings about Bri-baby as we used to call him.

"The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose." Garrison Keillor

true story

p.s. I still call him Bri-baby

Important event number 4.

~This man:

ohio 2009 198

just turned 55!!! In fact his birthday was just two day’s after Brian’s! I have him to thank for my curly hair, my obsessive compulsive tidiness, my dishwasher loading skills. Oh, and my character. Let’s hope so anyways, as his second most uttered phrase to me was "do it anyways, it builds character.” His first most uttered phrase is DOGGONIT {but more on that another day} As always, he is in his Ohio State gear.

~And last, but the last thing from least.

This amazing woman:


had her 29th Mother’s Day yesterday. Mom, I love you so!

Please note the proximity of these important events. My mom liked to have her babies all in a row. We call it ‘birthday season’ in my house!

That concludes my belated important events blogging. Other important events have occurred, such as my move, but I’ll write about those later. The move mainly makes me miss my mom {go alliteration!!} which brings me right back to the last important event. I think I need to call her and see if she will feed me dinner ;)



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