May 12, 2011

Right Now

     My favorite thing about my new home is all the windows and light. Perfect for a photographer! There is a big window in the living room, a big sliding glass door in the dining room {which, don’t be fooled thinking I live somewhere with a formal dining is attached to the lil’ living room and kitchen..think studio style!} A window over the kitchen sink, and windows in the bedroom. Love it.

     The following pictures will exhibit three things

1) My lovely everyday china. Sometimes I just stare at it. Today it is showcased in blue, but we got it in white and sage green too. I’ll be taking more pictures of it soon!

2) My placemats. I stare at them too. My lovely friend Katelyn gave them to me. Thanks Katelyn!!

3) My yummy breakfast. Wheat bagel with white sharp cheddar, egg over hard sprinkled with pepper and topped off with cherry tomatoes. This is the extent of my ‘cooking’ in my new home so far.

4) And, the amazing light streaming from my sliding door.

 2011 2012

** all pictures on the blog today {and yesterday} are unedited. One, because sometimes pictures just look great all on their own without any enhancement. Two, because photoshop just sucks the joy right out of photography for me. Three, I needed to eat my breakfast!

     You couldn’t see it in the picture, but my teeny tiny table doesn’t have any chairs. Either does this desk, which is why I am kneeling on the {hardwood} floor. Which is why my knees hurt. But anyways, due to the need for kitchen chairs and other house necessities..I’ve started a list. I went to add something on the list today and I caught something adorable. See if you can spy it.


I think somebody is anxious to move in with me ;) I like how he fashioned it after my chicken scratch  handwriting, too. Yes, my house definitely needs a Marcus.  On another note, our new little home has a high efficiency washer and drier. Oooooh! No, really that’s just Frigidaire speak for ‘We will damage anything small or fragile you put in here, due to our vigorous and efficient washing style.’ This explains why I need a washer bag. For delicates. Not that I have any delicates. I will after my bachelorette/panty party on Sat night though, hosted by fabulous sis-in-laws!!

I’ve said before I don't iron but thought perhaps I should at least just have one. I must be growing up.

Won’t you come over and eat off my new everyday china? I can make you the only thing I know how to make and we can sit Indian style on the hardwood floors! Or maybe we can go chair shopping! Or bask in the sunshiny living room. Whatever you want. I just would love some company :)


Love.Peace.Happiness said...

I love everything about your house. I love your placemats and napkins! I love the colors! I also how you use everyday notepaper to make a list! So cool ... and I love how Marcus added an item as well ... so sweet!!! P.S. I havent been really disciplined with the deactivating of Facebook! I started reading ONE THOUSAND GIFTS by Ann Voskamp. I think you would like it! Take care and enjoy the sweetness of the daily joys of getting married, showers and the wedding!

Sarah Danley said...

Cant wait to see to see pics of the new place, better yet I cant wait to see it in person =)
If I was closer I would love to do any and all of those things you mentioned at the end. Ugh miss you LauraLou :)


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