May 11, 2011

May Musings

     Do you smell what I smell?!

summer 2008! 053

     Honeysuckles are one of the many reasons May is my favorite month :)

     Most of 2011 has flown by. I feel like January was a blink of an eye, February came and went without me noticing, and March & April…we had a March & April this year?! I am determined to enjoy May. May is the month of Mary, of honeysuckles, of spring breezes. May is the month of college graduates, Memorial Day, early sunrises and late sunsets. May is the month of Marcus and I’s anniversary. May is a month I won’t lose this year!

     I’m pretty busy just getting settled in my new little home, last minute wedding plans, and lots of working before I take a little leave of absence at the end of May. I’ve barely touched my camera in months, and feel like I have lots of backed-up blogging to do. I’m hoping things slow down after the wedding and honeymoon, but I have a feeling life will only get a bit more crazy. So instead of dwell on all the things that need to be done, all the things that haven’t been done, I’m going to enjoy May. I’m committing myself to walks, runs, daily mass, silence, open windows, and smelling the flowers.   summer 2008! 052

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