May 23, 2011

Songs I Know All the Words To

     First off, let me just say- I should NOT be blogging.  I have a day off today and a to do list longer than my 5’4 long body. I started off on a good foot. Feet. I went for a run. Put a check mark on the first thing on my list. Instead of moving on to number 2 on to list, I collapsed on the floor, half-clothed, trying to recover. In an effort to re-learn how to breathe and to calm my rebelling stomach, I began to work on task number 2. Task number 2 reads: Make Chris’ birthday CD.  Chris is off sailing the seas, keeping the nuclear plants aboard the USS Enterprise running. Chris does not read my blog. Big, bad naval officers don’t have time for things like that. I’m getting married the day before Chris’ birthday and in typically Laura fashion, I am late mailing a birthday package out to him. And, yes, I am making him a CD. I’ve been in the habit of making my family CD’s for their birthday’s this year. Sounds like high school, but they are received well. And, speaking of high school, as I scrolled through my itunes to pick out the perfect songs for Chris, I realized there is no other vulnerability like sharing your itunes playlist. I’m a fan of vulnerability. So without further rambling, here is the First Edition of Songs I know all the Words To.

1. The Sign {Ace of Base} elementary school? Middle school? No matter, I’ll always jam to this song

2. Copperline {James Taylor} Actually, I know all the words to ALL James Taylor songs. But this one is my favorite and gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.

3. Gimme Three Steps {Lynard Skynard} duh.

4. Happy Girl {Martina McBride} Much better girls anthem song then “Girls Just want to Have Fun”

5. Hang On Sloopy {The McCoys} Ohio State Marching Band. As seen here

6. Cherry, Cherry {Neil Diamond} Because I can’t keep still while the music is playing

7. Champagne Supernova {Oasis} Same can be said for “Wonderwall.” Not because they are fantastic songs. Just because I went to high school.

8. And while we are talking about high school here, I’ll just go ahead and list Weezer’s blue album

9. Omaha {Counting Crows} It’s true- getting right to the heart of matters, it’s the heart that matters more.

10. Rich Girl {Hall & Oates} No explanation for my weird love for Hall and Oates. I could listen to their greatest hits CD over and over again. Then again, I DO listen to their greatest hits CD over and over again.

Stay tuned for a second edition titled: Incredibly Incriminating Songs I Know All the Words To. But that will have to be published after the wedding, as I really need to get back to my to-do list. It’s just that I do need to wear shoes to my own wedding. You know, just little details ;)


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