May 26, 2011


     There is a man coming to live in this new little home.  Sometimes he comes over when I am not here to cross things off our wedding to-do list. Tonight was one of those nights. He came over to work on the wedding program and start dinner. I’m always a little panicked when he gets there before I do. I am afraid he might see how secretly messy I can be, how I leave drawers and cupboards open, or how despite keeping everything picked up…. I mostly NEVER make the bed. I’m afraid he'll see the hair in the shower drain and then decide to call this whole thing off.

   Well, I wish he would have come over and seen clothes that never made it in the hamper, or cupboards open, or even an unmade bed. That would have been much better. Instead, when I get home about twenty minutes later, he begins to chuckle at me. It unnerved me, so I began to giggle nervously. “WHAT?!?!” I demand. He informs me that while he was wondering around in our new little home looking for something or other, he saw something strange on the {neatly made} bed. At a second glance he realizes it is only my cell phone charger cord. When he goes to pick it up, he finds a chewed piece of gum stuck to it.

     Then he tells me this when I come home, laughing all the while, waiting for an explanation. Which, I didn’t have. So I laughed and laughed and prayed on the inside that he would still marry me. Judging on his big bear hug, and the way he looked in my eyes when he told me he thought it was cute..I think he still will.

     We’ll find out for sure in 9 days ;)

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Love.Peace.Happiness said...

How sweet! :) Congratulations on your wedding coming up very soon! Enjoy every minute of it; before, during and afterwards! How exciting!!!


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