Sep 18, 2012

30 Week Brain Dump

~ I'm a huge fan of Marcus’ firefighter schedule, especially the 5 days off once a month. I’m less of a fan of hell week {24 on, 24 off for 7 days} Hello, hell week. Hope you move along quickly!

~ Speaking of Marcus, last week he went to the dentist for a cleaning. He went to the appt. with a toothache but figured he would schedule another day to get the suspected cavity taken care of. A couple hours later he called me to report that he had his teeth cleaned, a broken tooth fixed, a wisdom tooth removed AND a cavity filled. Whoa, productivity. I found myself a new dentist!

~Just had my first appt with my new midwives and it was fantastic!! I’ll probably write a blog post on how we made the decision to go with a homebirth. Or, as I call it…flying our freak flag :) I asked Marcus if he was getting a lot of negative responses about doing a home birth and he assured me he hadn’t. A couple seconds later he explained “Well, maybe it’s the way I present it. When they ask about our childbirth plans I tell them we are having an unassisted field birth. You know, to be one with nature. I let that sink in a minute before saying ‘Just kidding, man…we’re just having a homebirth.’  I would love to see the look on his fellow firefighter faces..

~Since I have not been very good about driving back to my old job to swim as much as I would like too, I’ve taken up bike riding.  The nice paved Dismal Swamp Trail  has been perfect for some good exercise. The first time I went, my older brother and I rode 8 miles. It was harder than I thought but since I was not sore the day after I figured I could go farther next time. Round two… I went with my younger brother for 10 miles. I have my pride to thank for making it back to the car.  As I was huffing & puffing and praying for strength {meanwhile my brother is riding leisurely at the slow pace I  set, chatting up a storm. I definitely could not talk!} I gasped “Patrick, are your legs sore/tired/cramped?” He looked at my kind of quizzically “No.”    Yeah, me neither Patrick.  Me Neither.

~It is a very small world after all. While watching Marcus play fall softball last week {& hit a home run!} I thought the umpire looked incredibly familiar. As in, I think he taught my 9th grade P.E./Health class. I mentioned it to Marcus, and yes, not only was the umpire my PE teacher, but he also went to Fire Academy with Marcus and is now works for VBFD too.

~Anybody else loooooove sleeping with the windows open?! Perfect, perfect weather!

~I’m starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed about my ever-growing Before Baby arrives to-do list. Some of them are silly nesting obsessions like organizing the cans in my pantry, cavities filled, go through the bookshelves, etc. BUT then there are more important things. Finding a pediatrician. Making life insurance decisions. Making space for the baby’s clothes and diapers.  And my goal to have Christmas figured out by the end of October- as in gifts, cards, the baby’s stocking-the whole holiday 9 yards. I don’t think Christmas shopping and newborns mix. Hence, my hurry. This is one of those times I wish I was not a procrastinator.

~The only challenge the 3rd Trimester has presented me with so far is overwhelming hunger. I cannot seem to get enough to eat.. I eat right before I go to bed, I  eat at least once in the middle of the night and wake up by 6:30 needing to eat again. Even though I am eating healthy things- mainly just protein- I was still wondering if this was normal. I brought it up to my midwives and they suspected low blood sugar. And told me to keep on eating.  The eating in the middle of the night thing definitely messes with the sleeping thing that is supposed to be happening. So aside from a little insomnia and pregnancy-induced munchies, so far so good.

~I’m SO excited for our little vacation to Ohio. We have nothing on the agenda except naps, enjoying the fall weather,  sweet tea on the screened porch, my grandmothers’ delicious meals and doing whatever the heck we want. I’m feeling so blessed that we have the opportunity to get away and spend time with family and each other. The next two weeks might drag on for me.. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!

~I tried to take a picture of my 30 week belly bump. It turned out like this:

sept 2012 001

Whoops!! That auto-focus thing didn’t really work out so well. Thanks, super expensive Nikon.


Time for my late night second dinner & packing my mid-night snack!


Cat said...

I ate in the middle of the night a ton, too! And breastfeeding is just gonna keep having you hungry all the time, so run with it!

I don't think the cans in your pantry really need to be arranged before baby comes. Just sayin'.

Kelly said...

I think its great you are doing a home birth! Have you considered cloth diapers? I love using them on Hudson!


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