Sep 10, 2012

A Case of the Writer’s Block

     I blame it on my lack of photography recently.  Pictures typically fueled all blog content around here.  And since I am in the middle of uploading and ordering a year’s worth of pictures to be printed {Go! is doing their 99 prints for 99 cents! You can use the promo code as many times as your want} I am realizing I probably need to take LESS pictures. Especially since the pictures I printed from the previous year are still in a box, waiting to be put in albums or frames.  One of my big projects before baby’s arrival is to tackle the box of photos from 2010, 2011 and the soon arriving 2012 pictures…wish me luck!


     I figure I’ll be taking lots of pictures again once the baby boy is here so I’m just taking a break.  We’ll be taking a trip to Ohio in the beginning of October as well as a mini get-a-way to a Matthews County bed & breakfast in the next couple months so the camera won’t be sitting in the closet for much longer. One other checkbox on my ‘before baby’ to do list is to finally shoot on my dad’s old 35 mm camera. I bought the film & battery but have been feeling intimidated. Hopefully I’ll get good practice during our little travels and be pretty good at it by the time I’m ready to take pictures of the baby with it!


     Until my memory card is full again, I’m sure things will be pretty quiet here on the blog. I’m sure nobody wants to hear my ramble on about pregnancy just as much as I am tired of hearing myself ramble on about it :) September is already sneaking by quickly and it has been a pretty low key month. Marcus firefights, {no, really…he put out his first fire finally about a week ago!} works with his dad here & there, and is now taking on some tree work again. Just like the old days! We’ll just be enjoying the rest of our month before our little vacation to Ohio!


And since snapfish just informed me that my 1,000 pictures are finished uploading and are ready to be ordered..I’ve got my work cut out for me for now :)

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