Sep 25, 2012

The Screened Porch, Revisited.

     I’ve been spending a lot of these days in Autumn-induced nostalgia. Or maybe it is just the hormones. We are only one week away from our much-anticipated trip to Ohio and I am craving Grandma Jan’s screened-in porch. Full blown pregnancy craving for a PORCH! That’s just crazy. Since I have to wait a bit longer before I can sit there and enjoy the breeze and company, I found some old photo’s to tide me over.

What we mostly do on the porch. I can be found naked and stuffing my face in the black highchair. Typical. The stuffing my face part, I mean.

scanned 003

Here I am looking a little more dignified. Contemplative. Crazy-haired.

scanned 001

The porch always makes me think of my mom’s birthday, too. We were normally in Ohio for her July birthday and celebrated in 4th of July, hot dogs & hamburgers fashion.

scanned 002 

Here I am with my cousin Shannon, before celebrating her 18th birthday. Shannon is my cousin on my mom’s side but Grandma Jan adopted her too and she spent many, many summers with us on the porch, too.

scanned 004

There are many, many, many more pictures of the Danley family hanging out here but these are the couple I had at my house. I’ll take more to add to the collection  in another week!  Yay!

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