Sep 6, 2012


     Somebody stop me. In just one evening I made myself a batch of shampoo, conditioner & face wash.  Actually, I made shampoo, conditioner and face wash right after emailing my new midwives to confirm my November homebirth. Sheeeesh!

     I wish I could say I made those beauty products because I am incredible green and environmentally friendly. Or because I am appalled at the chemicals hidden in our hair care. Unfortunately, I would happily continue using my Pantene Pro-V, and Mary Kay face wash no matter how much they damage they environment or how many extra harsh poisons I’m getting on myself.. I like the stuff! The truth is, being cheap is one step away from being crunchy. Yup, It was all about the Benjamin's. Just trying to be creative with ways to save money!


     {Speaking of crunchy, please enjoy this ridiculous video..}  Finished? While I love my coconut oil, am willing to pay big bucks for real maple syrup and probably won’t elect for the chickenpox vaccine…somebody please kick me if I ever sound like that woman! And in case you were wondering..No, I won’t be eating my placenta!



My hair smells a little like vinegar…


Kelly T said...

Yeaa girl! The hubs jokes that I'm part of the "crunchy convention". Are you planning on using cloth diapers? And how exciting about the home birth! Good luck!

Cat said...

Yep, almost all of my "crunchiness" is really just frugality in disguise.

Laura said...

Oh yes we are planning to do cloth diapers too...NOT something my lazy butt would have normally taken on..but for the love of frugality, yes :)

Kristin @ The Simple Things said...

I love this post :-) I'm 12 weeks(just announced it on FB)and am also going to be cloth diapering!

Did you try the midwifery center at depaul? A homebirth sounds great though!

Kristin Nobles


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