Dec 21, 2012

Christmas Trees & Pajamas

     I’ve driven past a little nursery a couple miles from our house countless times, but it wasn’t until I saw their Christmas trees that I thought to stop there.  I knew it was a family run place, and there is nothing more I like to support than family businesses! So on one balmy, gray day, Marcus & I took 2.5 week old James to pick out a tree.  They had a beautiful selection, a sweet & friendly cat roaming around, the nicest people working and warm fire going.

James was not too excited by the outing..

christmas 2012 119 

But he thought over the selections..

 christmas 2012 120 christmas 2012 124

In the end, unlike last year, we opted for a shortish, fattish tree.

christmas 2012 127

On Gaudete Sunday, we had a pajama party & decorated the tree!

christmas 2012 146christmas 2012 143 christmas 2012 141 christmas 2012 142    christmas 2012 150christmas 2012 157  christmas 2012 168christmas 2012 159christmas 2012 155christmas 2012 153  christmas 2012 160christmas 2012 161christmas 2012 164

It was pretty magical, in the whole baby’s first Christmas way!

1 comment:

Jiza @ The Real JZ said...

Oh my, these are some great shots. He is just so beautiful, Laura! I am so happy for you and your little family! A Merry Christmas, indeed. :-)


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